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Innovation to the risk control
Strict control of quality and hygiene safety to determine the
actions taken and to indicate the adjustments as necessary. The operation control
quality can target areas most likely to contribute to the spread of
nosocomial infections, such as toilet seats, taps, bathroom,
of side rails, etc.. This can be done by visual inspection and a
microbiological environmental control.

Currently, the quality control is limited to visual inspection with the naked eye or
using a ultraviolet lamp. However, visual inspection can not be the
sole determinant in evaluating the strategy. In the short term, pending
able to draw more on methods of quality control sector
food, we must develop enforcement procedures
recommended hygiene and safety.

Different valuation methods should be developed, such as biomarkers, a search of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an environmental microbiological testing (sampling of microorganisms present on environmental surfaces), etc..

Finally, we must develop research in insurance and quality control and hygiene
safety surfaces to improve the knowledge and the methods of
control to verify the actual quality obtained. It will also help motivate
employees in their working hours when we can demonstrate the relevance
actual interventions

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